F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


All Your Bookings/Transactions are done on IRCTC Site , so even if your Transaction fails amount will be refunded to your bank account.

For Tatkal Bookings , Your Transaction History will be available only after 1-2 hours

You can check your last transaction status by logging in onto irctc site

If your ticket is booked it will come under Booked Ticket History

Alternatively You can check all transactions here

Genuinity Check: Click Here and Make Sure that You are using the Original Application

FastBook and QuickBook are our Applications

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Quick Book App Link

    • Are my Payment Details Safe?
    • Your Payment details are 100% safe as it is stored in app’s private space

      ” By default, files saved to the internal storage are private to your application and other applications cannot access them (nor can the user). When the user uninstalls your application, these files are removed.” – Google Link to Quote

    • About Ads?
    • This application requires lots of maintenance,testing,development  as well as infrastructure costs to maintain the app server and provide information to you, since we need funds to maintain all these cost ,we monetize this app

    • Page is stuck on Transaction Page?
    • If the page gets stuck on Transaction Page,that means there is heavy load on irctc server, if it doesnot proceed in 10-15 seconds ,restart the process again by pressing back and then proceed,this time it will progress faster

    • Avoid using Credit Cards ?
    • Credit Cards may be slower sometimes (especially ICICI) after entering all details you need to enter OTP or 3D Secure PIN, this requires the transaction to flow through multiple pages and has higher chances of failure , you can use debit cards instead.

    • Are you human or machine ?
  • Dont go too fast this can lead to suspicion , if you have more than one passenger , enter 2nd captcha (ie: on passenger details page) after 10-15 seconds and introduce a slight delay. this is applicable to debit card transactions also

  • Amount is deducted during ticket booking,but no confirmation message,email or webpage has been shown?

The deducted amount will be refunded to your account within a week , you can view the transaction status on IRCTC Website. Goto My Transaction -> Last Transaction Detail or My Transaction ->Failed Transaction History

  • Will this app charge money for booking ticket?

No, We DONT!!

  •    I’m getting error while logging in ‘Invalid Username/Password’ or ‘Invalid Captcha’

If you are getting Invalid Username/Password please recheck your entered username and password

If you are getting Invalid/Incorrect Captcha even after entering correct captcha go back to home screen and click on Book Now and Start Over , sometimes IRCTC Website gets stuck even after entering correct Captcha at peak times (During tatkal hours)

  • Payment Details are not Autofilled/Experiencing Problems

If you are experiencing any problem regarding autofilling of payment details drop a mail to emast007@gmail.com

  • Are my Payment Details Secured?

Payment Details are stored in private app space so it is unreadable to other apps/you directly.Only this app can read data stored in it

  • Page is getting Stuck and not responding?

If IRCTC webpage is getting stuck/not responding for >30 sec then you need to start booking again. Don’t worry it wont be slow or stuck next time.This happens due to IRCTC Server during peak load time

  • Experiencing Problems in Auto Filling/Some Details are not Auto filled?

For Better Working of App and its Features such as Ad Blocking/Unwanted Image Blocking Android 5 and Above is Required.

If some details are not filled ensure that you have entered required details in Journey Details

  • During booking,amount is getting deducted and  the app gets stuck after payment page.

Certain banks servers are slow to process your payment request and on top this the exchange between IRCTC and bank servers sometimes fail leading to time outs. There is nothing much the app can do at that point. Also if your amount gets debited and ticket not booked, please refer this link.

Why is my IRCTC account suspended ?

Account suspension has lot of reasons and you have to mail to care@irctc.co.in to know the exact cause for suspension and rectification.users having incorrect values in their account information. Sometimes if your payment response from bank is very fast, IRCTC asks you to enter a CAPTCHA to verify if you are human. Entering it incorrectly or exiting the browser may lead to account suspension.Please Enter that Captcha correctly

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