How to Use Fast Book – Ticket Booking App

All Your Bookings are done on IRCTC Site, so even if your Transaction fails amount will be refunded to your bank account within a week.

For Tatkal Bookings, Your Transaction History will be available only after 1-2 hours

You can check your last transaction status by logging in onto irctc site


If your ticket is booked it will come under Booked Ticket History

Alternatively You can check all transactions here

Download QuickBook

Free , Fast , Solid


    • Descent Network Speed and Connectivity
  • 1 GB RAM (Minimum) 2 GB (Recommended)

Please make sure that no other application is using your mobiles Internet connection, while booking such as play store app updates/file downloads this may slow down the booking process

Image Guide is given Below

Watch Video For More Details


Goto Ticket Settings -> Login Details [Fill in Your IRCTC Username,Password and Mobile Number to be filled during booking]



Goto Ticket Settings -> Journey Details
Fill in Your Source, Destination, Train Name/No from Suggestion List. Enter Date of Journey, Preferred Coach/Booking Preferences (Optional) and Booking Mode (Tatkal/General Quota). If your Train Name is not listed, enter train Number.


STEP 3: Add Passengers, You can add as many passengers as you want and choose them while booking Ticket. Enter Name,Age and Berth Preference for Each User. For Adding Children Below 5 Years Click on Button ‘Add Children Below 5 Years’. Enter Name/Age and then click Save. For Deleting Children Below 5 Years goto the same page and click on delete and then save.

For Viewing Added Passengers click on ‘View Added Passengers’ where you can view/delete Passengers


Step 4: Add Payment Details (Optional) , If you want Fast Book to Fill Payment Details.

Check ‘Enable Auto Fill on Payment Details’.If left unchecked, app will not auto fill payment details.

Choose Your Payment Mode and Fill in the Details and Click Save.Make sure that the payment method you selected is still available at irctc site

Now  At the time of Booking to get Maximum booking speed Recharge your mobile with Small 3G/4G Packs and make sure that you are getting sufficient network coverage.

Click on Book Now ,Select Passengers and boost booking. Load the pages till it show the Seat Availability and click Back) ,This is done to load pages faster. Pages load faster if they are visited before due to caching.

Now Start Your Booking at Sharp 10:00:01 for AC and 11:00:01 for Sleeper Classes

Make sure you check required Passengers before booking so that there is no delay, Click Book Now and Select Passengers, the Tick will remain there so you dont need to select it everytime.


Click on Proceed to Start Booking ,If Page doesn’t load in 15 Seconds Go Back, and Click Proceed Button again this time it will load faster.

After Loading Username/Password will be autofilled,Enter CAPTCHA and click on any login buttons below.

Click on Any of Highlighted Items for Logging in

Source/Destination/Travel Date will be Autofilled and Train will be Selected (Availability will be shown Highlighted as Shown in the Image for 3-4 Seconds)

screener_20161119145200Passengers Selected Before Booking Will be Autofilled, Enter CAPTCHA and Click Next.

Payment Details will be Autofilled, if you have Checked ‘Enable App to Fill Payment Details’ on payment settings and Entered payment Details.

However you might need to enter CAPTCHA/OTP/Additional Security Details, if imposed by your banks payment gateway

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